Press Release "LES ANGES"


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Aïcha Touré is a singer, percussionist & accordionist based in Paris,  born in Gabon to a Guinean father (Conakry) and a Gabonese/Hispano/Guinean mother (Equatorial).  When she arrived in France at the age of 12, she developed a passion for tap dancing and  learned acrobatics which allowed her to join the legendary ZINGARO equestrian theatre.  There  she performed acrobatics and horseback riding with Bartabas and the Fratellini circus school with Dominico Caroli. This was the beginning of a journey of encounters and learning about life in cabaret, circus and street theatre with Cie Oposito.... At the same time, she also set up her own company where she performed as a tap dancer for several years before finally turning to music as a self-taught artist, choosing to sing and play the accordion to accompany herself.

In 2018 Aïcha Touré finally  released  her first beautifull  album 'La Vie'.

Both new singles you are discovering are from the forthcoming new  album "Les Anges" out on Aurasky Music on the 14th of october. A refined mix of wide and varied musical universes, inspired by different and deeply eclectic cultures: afro/latin/french songs /world...

Aïcha Touré is on lead Vocals,  Choirs accordions senza & body percussion.Luis Manresa is on Bass ukulele percussion & beat making.

Sorcière ( Witch) is a tribute to women through the history of witches.

Mémoire (Memory) is her description of the mental wanderings in which a mother with Alzheimer's disease finds herself.

This opus is the second album of , a complete and self-taught artist.  In a different style mixing acoustic sounds and traditional instruments with modern sounds. It's a mix of musical genres where everyone can find themselves in their own universe, often joyful and lively.

A music without borders, an invitation to dance and to let go. A real musical journey through the equatorial cultures, the European continents, South America and Africa. Lyrics that often question existence, society, life and invite to a meeting with ourselves.

"Les Anges" is produced, composed and arranged by Aïcha Touré. Recorded during the period of confinement at the CRM studio by Luis Manresa, a multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with many artists such as Maurane and Yuri Buenaventura.

Luis collaborates in the production and programming of the instrumentals. Finally on this new opus we find two guests of mark, François Collombon (Sergent Garcia) percussionist co-arranger on a title and Laurent Loit says Pepe bassist on several titles.

With already great feedbacks from deejays such as Davjazz, Getfunkyfresh or Sodi producer of Keziah Jones, Femi and Fela Kuti.   Some will say that it reminds us of Zap Mama or the late Cesaria Evora with a twist of Jazz Manouche or is it West African & Latin Vibes ?  The listener will soon understand that she has created a unique fusion style that is her trade mark.